How to Contact Us


We typically prioritize introductions from someone who knows us both (you, and BBG Ventures). But we know that great ideas don’t always come packaged with connections, so if you believe your company fits our investment thesis below and you don’t have an intro, please email us at:

Investment Guidelines

BBG Ventures is an early-stage fund. Our investments typically range from $100,000 to $250,000. We do not lead rounds and we do not take board seats, but we are available to our portfolio companies 24/7 and expect them to tap our experience and contacts early and often.

Our focus is consumer internet and consumer tech: marketplaces, mobile services, commerce, media, consumer products. It’s what we know and where we can add the most value. We look for companies with a technology advantage — and we look for entrepreneurs who “think different,” who look at some facet of their work, play, or home lives and see a way to make it materially better.

We do not invest in ideas; we expect to see a working product, even if it’s in closed beta, and some evidence of consumer engagement. That said, a brilliant product from an A+ entrepreneur trumps everything else, so you can assume we will break our own rules occasionally. Very occasionally.

We launched BBG Ventures because we saw an opportunity. With over 90% of venture investment going to men, we believe we can get better returns backing the best female founders. Many of our companies have mixed founding teams — and research and personal experience suggest that diverse teams drive the best results. Our requirement for investment is simply that at least one founder be female.

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