Muriel and Young-Jae

are engaging the overlooked deskless workforce.

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About Anthill

Anthill AI is a communication and talent mapping tool designed to meet deskless workers where they are—via SMS or app—and help businesses identify, internally hire, and retain their talent. Not to be confused with remote workers, 80% of the global workforce is comprised of workers who are out in the field: in the healthcare, agriculture, construction, retail, manufacturing, telecom, and transportation. They power the backbone of our economy, but often feel unseen and isolated from their employers resulting in 30-60% annual turnover. Anthill focuses on engagement and retention to solve the expensive problem of hiring and retaining in-demand deskless workers.

Why Now

2.7BN workers are a part of the deskless workforce and this population is continuing to grow (130% growth in deskless HCM software spend). These workers have historically felt overlooked and unimportant but they are actively engaging on Anthill’s platform because they are eager to have tools specifically focused on their needs.

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Muriel Clauson

Co-Founder & CEO

Muriel Clauson is the co-founder of Anthill. Anthill is the first talent mapping software for deskless workers. She has been an active speaker, advisor, and thought leader on the future of work and artificial intelligence. She has authored scientific publications, was a scientific advisor for several governments and organizations around the world, and is an advisory board member for Humans for AI. Previously, Muriel advised former ambassadors, prime ministers, and presidents across four continents on their future of work policy through her work with the InterAction Council.

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Young-Jae Kim

Co-Founder & CTO

Young-Jae Kim met Anthill CEO Muriel Clauson while in the same organizational psychology PhD program at UGA, focusing on ML and people science. During their program, they worked together as psychometricians, creating predictive questionnaires for enterprises that would later become the target customer for Anthill. Young- Jae previously consulted for Pinsights, an HR tech platform.

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