Where we invest

Make change, make money. Because where society goes, so do returns.

The next generation of breakout companies will solve problems for the 99%.

Today’s consumer is intersectional, more conscious, multi-generational, and often underserved. It makes sense to invest in founders who intuitively understand her – because they've experienced the same broken systems and challenges. These founders have a natural competitive advantage - which means we do too.

We look for companies that drive systems change, build 10X better consumer solutions, or address new buying behaviors across some of the biggest categories of consumer spending that are ripe for reinvention:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Future of Education and Work
  • Climate Friendly Products and Platforms
  • Overlooked and Emerging Consumers

In particular, we seek out companies making large-scale behavior change possible by improving access, enhancing affordability, or reducing friction in the consumer experience.

Investment Guidelines

Fortune favors the female.

Every company in our portfolio has at least one female founder. We focus on founders who intuitively understand the dominant consumer.

Our sweet spot is early.

We typically lead or co-lead Seed or Pre-Seed rounds, with an average initial check size from $500,000 – $1 million.

Intuitive understanding.

We believe the best founders have an authentic connection to the problem they’re solving and a deep understanding of the community they’re building for, so they’re poised to win right from the start.

Focused and formidable.

We look for founders we can’t hold back, founders who can’t imagine doing anything else. You’ll need a singular product focus, ruthless execution, resilience, the ability to do a lot with a little.

B2C, sometimes B2B.

We focus on consumer problems but recognize that the best way to solve these might be a B2B model. A mix of B2C and B2B can drive strong returns, so we’re open to both.

Equity matters.

Many of the companies we’ve backed have mixed-gender founding teams. Where that’s the case, we expect a fair founder equity split. We find the cap table is an indicator of team dynamics – and eventual success.

A great founder trumps everything else.

We are a thesis-driven fund, but a brilliant product from an A+ entrepreneur will always get our attention.

A new generation of change starts here. No introduction necessary.

If you have an idea that matches our investment thesis and guidelines, please say hello.

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