Amanda and Joan

are treating eating disorders with inclusive care for long-term healing.


Fund III

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About Arise

Arise is building value-based care for the 5M+ Americans a year who suffer from an eating disorder — and millions more who will experience disordered eating. With its identity-centered, personal, and affirming approach, Arise is shattering the stereotype of what eating disorders “look like” and breaking down barriers to bring people care that works for them. Through virtual treatment pathways, community, and ongoing support, Arise is empowering people to heal their body and mind.

Why Now

There is a need for Arise’s solution now more than ever. 5.5M people per year will be diagnosed with an eating disorder in their lifetime, and an analysis of 80 hospitals reported a 25% increase in patients with eating disorders during COVID. Arise's holistic and tech-enabled care model is well positioned to respond to the prevalence and rise of eating disorders, as well as deliver more options to the millions of people whose disorders don't fit the traditional medical definition (e.g. binge or other unspecified eating disorders).

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Amanda D'Ambra

Co-Founder & CEO

Amanda D'Ambra has been an early stage operator and marketing leader at digital health startups including Brightline, Cityblock, and Quartet Health, and previously worked on mental health and suicide prevention programs for veterans.

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Joan Zhang

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Joan Zhang has worked in Product at various healthtech companies, including Headspace Health, Click Therapeutics, Quartet Health, and Lantern.