is leveling the learning playing field.

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About Fiveable

Fiveable is democratizing access to education, by creating a new community for students that’s part test prep, part social network. Starting with AP courses, Fiveable provides test prep resources at a more affordable price point than traditional solutions. Their highly-engaged community of students self-organize study groups, contribute content, and provide feedback on product development.

Why Now

The global test prep market is ~$25BN, and with the accelerated shift to online learning due to COVID, students need Fiveable’s platform more than ever. By combining content with community, Fiveable replicates the IRL version of school that kids need to thrive - classes peppered with hanging out with your friends. With levels of anxiety and stress skyrocketing in kids, social interaction must support online learning.

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Amanda DoAmaral

Founder & CEO

Amanda DoAmaral is an alumna of Teach for America who turned around her Oakland high school’s AP program. She founded Fiveable to help all students take and pass AP exams with interactive study guides, weekly live-streamed “cram sessions,” and competitive trivia games to give them the tools they need to pass. Over one million students used the platform to study last year. Now based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Amanda is building Fiveable from a sharehouse where she lives with her team members.

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