is bringing cell-based meat to the mainstream.

About Fork & Goode

Fork & Goode is on the cutting edge of a revolution in meat production. The company has developed a true lab-grown, cell-based ground meat that has less than 6 ingredients and tastes just like pork, using patented scientific advances to reduce the cost and change the unit economics of cell-based meat.

Why Now

Lab grown meat holds the promise of addressing climate issues while feeding a growing global population that will reach 9.8B by 2050. Compared to conventional beef, cell-based beef is estimated to reduce land use by more than 95%, climate change emissions by 74% to 87%, and nutrient pollution by 94%. And since cell-based meat is grown in a clean facility, it also reduces the risk of contamination by harmful pathogens and eliminates the need for antibiotics, thereby reducing the serious public health threats posed by foodborne illness and antibiotic resistance.

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Niyati Gupta

Co-Founder & CEO

Niya has spent over 10 years in the food and agriculture business, including at McKinsey and Syngenta. She has launched a profitable food brand and formerly ran an urban farming company. She holds an MBA and MPAID from Harvard, and an Economics BA from Yale.

Image from BBG Ventures site

Gabor Forgacs

Co-Founder & CSO

This is Gabor’s third venture as a scientific founder after Modern Meadow and Organovo (pioneering bioprinting). Prior to this his 30 year academic career spanned theoretical physics, biological physics and biofabrication, he has over 200 publications.