Laurie and Sasha

are reinventing retirement savings plans.

About Icon

Icon has reinvented retirement benefits, by radically simplifying the role of the employer and delivering best in class retirement plans to savers. Icon enables every business to offer a retirement plan to every worker, 1099 & W2. Icon’s technology platform integrates workplace savings and personal savings into one elegant solution, creating a more inclusive and sustainable system for delivering retirement savings solutions.

Why Now

401k plans are failing the workforce: there are 6m employers and only 600k 401k plans leaving 81 million people without access to a plan. What's needed is a new approach to delivering workplace retirement savings plans. A solution that radically simplifies the role of the employer and prioritizes the needs of individual savers. Icon delivers the first smart alternative to a 401k plan.

Laurie Rowley, Co-founder & CEO, Icon

Laurie Rowley

Co-founder & CEO

Laurie Rowley is co-counder and CEO of Icon Savings Plan, the first fully portable, universally accessible workplace retirement plan.

Laurie’s career has focused on developing solutions that improve financial security. In 2013 she founded NARPP, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to the millions of working Americans saving for retirement. She is the Co-Founder of N-Labs a design and innovation lab located in San Francisco CA. She has a background in behavioral finance and helped launch the Behavioral Finance Forum. She is widely regarded as an expert in financial decision-making, human-centered design and strategy.

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Sasha Mace

Co-Founder & CTO

Sasha is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Icon Savings Plan. Sasha’s expertise is in product and engineering management. Most recently, he was VP of Engineering at Simple Bank where he was the key architect of company product and engineering strategy, leading a team of 75. Prior to his role as VP, he was Sr. Director of Web and Mobile engineering.

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