Anu, Sarah, and Talia

are reimagining the modern maternity clinic.


Fund III

About Millie

Millie is redesigning the pregnancy-to-parenthood experience and building a tech-enabled maternity care model that provides more complete and continuous care from conception through early parenthood. The tech-enabled care model brings together the best of collaborative OB/Midwifery, along with continuous monitoring, personalized guidance, proactive education, on-demand supplementary care, and peer support to create better outcomes at lower costs in a value-based care world, while providing a 21st century experience to a new generation of mothers.

Why Now

There is a lack of affordable, continuous, and holistic models for maternity care — leaving women with fragmented support through their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Millie’s solution yields better clinical outcomes with lower medical costs and increased quality of care; providing women with a more supported, integrated, and proactive maternal journey. Not only is Millie’s platform positioned to revolutionize maternity care and women’s health experiences, it is also a win-win for the healthcare system at large with significant cost saving opportunities for payers.

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Anu Sharma

Co-Founder & CEO

Anu Sharma has 15+ years of experience in health innovation, working with payors, health systems, and self-insured employers. Prior to building Millie, she was a founding executive at Burd Health.

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Talia Borgo

Co-Founder & Clinical Director

Talia Borgo has been in the maternity care delivery space for 11+ years, as a doula, midwife, RN, and clinician. Prior to building Millie, Talia served as Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSF, one of the top women's health & maternity hospitals in the US.

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Sarah Reynolds

Co-Founder & CTO

Sarah Reynolds has 12+ years of experience as an engineer, architect, and CTO. Prior to building Millie, Sarah was an early hire and Sr. Director of Engineering at Omada Health.