is designing lab-quality hormone tests enabled by next-gen biochem and AI.

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About OOVA

Oova is a biomarker company focused on women’s health. Their first product is an at-home test that measures the two key fertility hormones, giving women visibility into their unique fertility cycle. It identifies their most fertile days and confirms that ovulation has occurred. No blood draw necessary.

Why Now

Most fertility tools are hardwired for women who have a ‘normal’ 28-day cycle. That’s only one in seven women. After years of neglect at the research level, women lack quality information about their bodies and fertility treatment options. Oova is developing products for women that are personalized for their needs, their cycles, and their goals.

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Amy Divaraniya

Co-Founder & CEO

Amy Divaraniya has a PhD in Biomedical Sciences with a focus on Genomics and Genetics. She has over a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry as a data scientist and in academia leading and publishing original research in molecular network analysis, personal genomics, and biomarker discovery.

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