is enabling frontline operators to work more efficiently.

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About Ox

Ox is pioneering “human-centered automation” that enables frontline operators to perform their work more efficiently. $242bn is spent annually on warehouse labor and 80% of warehouses have not introduced automation into the centuries-old process of picking and packing. Ox is fixing that with wearable technology and AI that directs frontline operators through their workflow via intuitive displays and real-time connectivity – making frontline work easier to perform, train and track. The company’s software solution uses wearable technology and AI to automate operational decisions across the supply chain. Their initial focus is on warehousing and fulfillment, with retail and grocery as near-term expansion opportunities.

Why Now

More than 80% of warehouses have no automation. Picking represents 55% of warehouse spend and is a tedious process for warehouse workers. One third of deskless worker churn is likely to occur every six months. As deskless worker churn continues, employers are looking for solutions to make these jobs more attractive. Workers using Ox have spent 20% less time on similar tasks and are overall happier with their experience.

Charu Thomas, CEO of Ox

Charu Thomas

Founder & CEO

Charu Thomas is Founder & CEO at Ox, the world's first Human Centered Automation company. Human Centered Automation is wearable technology that directs frontline operators through software intelligence. Ox currently powers billions of dollars of revenue for Fortune 500 enterprise customers across Supply Chain, 3PL and Retail. Over the past24 months, Ox has grown from 4 to 40 full-time employees.
Ox has raised $16.2M in venture funding from world-class investors such as BBG Ventures, MaC Venture Capital, & Steve Case's Revolution. They are the youngest team to raise venture capital in Arkansas' history. Ox has been showcased by leading publications like The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Forbes, and The New York Times.

Prior to founding Ox, Charu was an internationally awarded wearable computing researcher from Georgia Tech's #1 ranked Industrial & Systems Engineering program.

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