Suman, Sharon, and Kristie

are building AI to help you forget less and recall more.

Fund III


Eighty percent of our memories are forgotten, and even less are recalled. is building personal AI’s for each individual to augment biological human memory, filling in the gaps where you forget. With you get a structured, searchable extension of your memory that’s secure and built just for you, creating an effortless and real-time ambient recall experience.

Why Now

Advances in AI technology - transfer learning, state-of-art algorithms, and the availability of GPUs - mean we now have the capacity to build ubiquitous and personalized AI experiences for the individual. These advances, combined with the acceptance of ambient computing (e.g. Alexa and Siri) and the evolution of blockchain technology to support user confidentiality, mean the time is ripe for a secure platform for memory capture.

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Suman Kanuganti

Co-Founder & CEO

Suman migrated from Southern India to the US in 2002 to pursue his Master's in Robotics at the University of Missouri Columbia and has been riding on the cusp of emerging technology ever since. His second startup used AI, AR, and wearables to solve the problem of missing visual information for people who are blind and low vision. Today, that service is used by a community of 300 million people around the globe. His current startup - - is building a personal AI for every individual to expand the potential of their biological memory.

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Sharon Zhang

Co-Founder & CTO

Sharon is deeply passionate about humans and about technologies that evolve alongside us. After pursuing degrees in Biology and Electrical & Computer Engineering from MIT, she spent the past decade building AI and Natural Language Processing products that impact the lives of patients, employees, and everyday people - both at large companies (Nuance, LinkedIn) and start-ups ( is her 5th). She strives to build companies that move the world forward and practice the principles of Authentic AI.

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Kristie Kaiser

Co-Founder & Head of Design

Kristie is a designer and visual story-teller with core design principles of simplicity, inclusivity, and beauty. Her bachelor's degree in Graphic Design led to her specialization in User Experience design across IT (Information Technology) and Creative Industries. Her passion for design and solving challenging problems led her to creative agencies over five years ago. This has evolved into creating life-changing products such as innovative IT for the blind and low vision (Aira) and now AI for memory retention and recall at

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