Mollie and Mark

are building a next-gen cybersecurity platform.

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About Perygee

Perygee is a complete and lightweight platform for IoT/OT security that is easy to set up and configurable by the enterprise client. While other solutions secure IoT from the inside out and protect only the most critical endpoints, Perygee is designed to prevent threats from ever touching the firmware of the device. Perygee offers device-specific security, real-time visibility, and performance enhancement for the entire life cycle of new and legacy devices.

Why Now

Co-Founder & CEO Mollie Breen learned just how vulnerable OT and IoT devices are during her time working at the National Security Agency (NSA), where she led a team charged with improving foundational security at the Department of Defense. IoT sensors are now everywhere, from coffee makers to window blinds to critical infrastructure like power grids. A network is only as strong as its weakest link—so, as the number of devices increases, so does the number of vulnerabilities.

By 2027, there will be 30.4 billion B2B OT devices in the US, and every device can be an entry point for a hacker. Securing them depends on multiple factors (e.g. vendor, type of device, where it’s located); and since many of them are critical to business operations or, in the case of healthcare, critical to human life, keeping them online and secure is key. Perygee is right on time to usher in a more secure, connected future for businesses.

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Mollie Breen

Co-Founder & CEO

Perygee's Co-Founder and CEO Mollie Breen was an Applied Research Mathematician at the NSA, where she specialized in network exploitation and machine learning. She led a team of seven people to strengthen the critical infrastructure and improve foundational security at the Department of Defense; then, she went on to lead the AI/ML portfolio at the Pentagon to modernize military strategy and deployment. She has an MBA and an M.S. in Engineering from Harvard and a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from Duke.

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Mark Watabe

Co-Founder & CTO

Perygee's Co-Founder and CTO Mark Watabe previously spent 4 years as Head of Product/ Product Lead at Tulip Interfaces, which creates productivity tools for factory teams, tracking over 14,000 production processes to create smarter workflows. After getting an MS from MIT, he was a software developer at Bluefin Labs, a social TV analytics company acquired by Twitter, which he joined for 3 years as an engineer.

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