is aligning food with the fight against climate change.

About Planet FWD

Planet Forward is a platform-driven food company with a mission to use food to help reverse climate change -- starting with a line of addictive (and healthy) snack food products and a platform to track regenerative grower supply data. By connecting food producers to growers, Planet Forward will become a B2B resource for any company to source regeneratively-produced ingredients and reduce their carbon impact.

Why Now

One third of the world’s topsoil has been acutely degraded by industrial farming. Regenerative agriculture restores soil through techniques that were practiced for centuries, and that don’t make food more expensive -- reason enough for Whole Foods to name it the next decade’s #1 food trend. With a push towards net zero carbon emissions, more and more brands are looking for tools to help them assess and improve their carbon position.

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Julia Collins

Founder & CEO

Julia Collins is a serial entrepreneur who spent her career building food companies, including Zume Pizza where she became the first Black woman to co-found a unicorn company. Today, Julia leads Planet FWD, a company on a mission to tackle climate change by making it easier to bring climate-friendly products to market. Julia serves on the board of Black Girls Code and the All Raise operating committee. She also sits on the Launch with GS advisory council and is an EIR for Cleo Capital. Julia is an active angel investor focused on female and BIPOC founders.

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