is reinventing the citizen-to-government experience.

About Symbium

Symbium is reinventing the citizen-to-government experience, with an initial focus on permitting and incentives for residential decarbonization projects (E.g., installation of solar panels, energy storage, heat pumps, etc.). Homeowners and contractors use Symbium’s Citizen’s Dashboard to instantly understand and visualize what’s possible on a property, then submit and manage permits and rebates, subject to pay-per-use transaction fees. Using Symbium, permits are issued instantly because the regulatory checks are built right into the web interface. Key to this disruption is Symbium’s proprietary computational law (or Complaw®) tech, which enables a TurboTax-like mechanization of legal analyses through software in a swift and lean manner, initially developed by the founding team at Stanford’s AI Lab.

Why Now

The US has a Transformational Goal of 100% clean electricity by 2035. Necessary to the transition is the decarbonization via retrofits of millions of square feet of pre-existing buildings. Some of the biggest bottlenecks in these projects—frequently resulting in delays and decreased margins—are regulatory red tape and permit issuances. Symbium is enabling American cities to achieve these transformational and timely goals, while providing significant time and cost savings to homeowners and contractors through home electrification projects.

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Leila Banijamali

Co-Founder & CEO

Leila Banijamali is the CEO and a Co-Founder of Symbium, which she launched in 2018 with her Stanford co-founders. The company is fundamentally disrupting how complex planning regulations are consumed and navigated by the public and creating intuitive web applications from complex laws and regulations to make it easy for anyone to understand what they’re required or allowed to do. Inspired by her experience growing up in the Middle East and also as a first generation immigrant, Banijamali’s lifelong mission has been to empower individuals and small businesses with a DIY approach to complex processes so that they are in control of their rights ab initio. Prior to launching Symbium, Banijamali founded businesses in the technology media industries in addition to acting as outside general counsel to hundreds of tech companies. In 2009, she founded the law firm, Bedrock, where she led over $200M in complex enterprise negotiations with Salesforce, Facebook, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Time Warner, Disney, Clorox, LinkedIn, and more.

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