Diana and Greg

are creating economic opportunity for hourly workers


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About Upwage

Upwage is building an AI-enabled recruiting platform for hourly workers that is 10X better for both sides of the marketplace. For workers, it brings transparency, flexibility and simplicity to finding a better paying and better fitting job. For companies, it dramatically lowers cost, automates screening, and reduces time to hire.

Why now

The market for hourly workers, which sits at 1.7 open jobs for every unemployed American worker, will continue to be tight through the end of the decade. Companies are looking for ways to lower the cost of recruiting hourly workers, and Upwage’s platform can deliver qualified applicants in days not weeks, without the time and expense of integration. 

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Diana Tsai

Co-founder and CEO

Diana Tsai is the Co-founder and CEO of Upwage. She previously cofounded Veterati.com, a tech platform that has created $160 million in jobs for the veteran community and built alongside some of the best cofounders and operators in the startup ecosystem at twine.nyc, spiral.us, and doubledutch (acquired). She has been featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and serves on the National Association of Veteran-Serving Organizations Board of Advisors.

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Greg Call

Co-Founder & COO

Greg is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Upwage. He is a C.P.A. turned Marine Officer turned Founder and previously worked on the strategy and operations teams at LinkedIn and Amazon. Greg is a proud Marine veteran and evangelist for the veteran community and serves as a Limited Partner in The Veteran Fund.

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