is making mental healthcare accessible for every mind.

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About Zeera

Zeera is removing the barriers to mental healthcare with an innovative model that makes therapy less intimidating, more affordable, and more relevant. The end goal? Mental healthcare becomes an accepted part of your wellness routine. Their signature Pathways therapy is designed for modern life, with sessions that address the key drivers of depression and anxiety in millennial women.

Why Now

$186 billion is spent on mental health in the US each year, with $31 billion spent on therapy. COVID has unleashed an even greater unmet need, with 45% of Americans now saying that the pandemic has harmed their mental health. Zeera's asynchronous therapy is highly scalable, opening up mental healthcare to a much broader audience who can’t afford, or aren’t ready for, one-on-one therapy.

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Ariela Safira

Founder & CEO

Ariela Safira is the Founder and CEO of Zeera (formerly known as Real). Sparked by the suicide attempt of a friend, Ariela has spent years working in mental healthcare at IDEO and Cityblock. She earned a BS in Mathematics & Computational Science from Stanford University and joined Columbia's Clinical Psych program to train to be a therapist before leaving in 2019 to found Zeera. She has biked across multiple countries to fundraise for suicide prevention, is a crisis counselor herself, and is the recipient of the 2019 American Psych Association's Innovation Award.

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