is making cancer less lonely.

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About Alula

Alula is a cancer survivorship platform, transforming the lived experience of patients and their families with support that’s actually useful. Like a curated marketplace of things that make treatment less daunting; sharable tools and templates; a registry to enable supporters to gift you things you actually need. And content from experts and people who’ve been there.

Why Now

There are 1.8 million people in the US diagnosed with cancer every year. They join 17 million survivors and 85 million family members in a community that spends $15 billion a year on non-medical expenses and yet still has to rely on word-of-mouth and Google for answers and recommendations.

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Liya Shuster-Bier

Founder & CEO

Liya was diagnosed with lymphoma right after B School and imagined Alula during her two years of treatment and recovery. She began her career as an analyst at Goldman Sachs and spent two years at social impact advisory Third Sector Capital Partners before getting an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from U Penn’s Wharton School.

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