Propelling a new wave of founders toward transformational change.
Our foundersJulia, Isabel, Ariela, April, Muriel, Amy, Julie, Charu, Joan, Niyati, Nick, Chloe, Shan‑Lyn, Leila, Diana
& others
Who we are

Make change, make money.

BBG Ventures is an early-stage fund leading investments in women & diverse founders who are uniquely qualified to build for our polycultural future - we were one of the first funds to bet on overlooked founders in 2014.

We believe the next generation of breakout companies will be built by underestimated founders solving big problems for the 99%. We’re here to give them that first, crucial investment.

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Meet some of our founders
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Ariela Safira


Zeera (formerly known as Real) is removing the barriers to mental healthcare with an innovative model that makes therapy less intimidating, more affordable, and more relevant -- with a goal of making mental health an accepted part of your wellness routine.

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Where we invest

Venture capital kindles the future. We want to make it matter.

As the world changes, some of the biggest areas of the economy– from how we stay healthy to how we work, how we become financially secure and environmentally safe to what we consume– still beg for reinvention. The best solutions to broken systems will emerge from a more diverse founder ecosystem, deeper conversations, and new perspectives. Read more about where we invest

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Who we invest in

Backing the new wave of forward thinkers.

Our entrepreneurs bring new thinking to sectors where change is overdue from tackling systemic problems to pioneering solutions that transform daily life.

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