is revolutionizing the Black Hair market.

About RadSwan

Radswan is an influencer-led beauty brand transforming the design, sourcing, and sale of natural black hair extensions, wigs, and clip-ins -- and the first to create a customer-centric ecommerce experience for high-quality synthetic hair products at an accessible price point.

Why Now

The RadSwan demographic spends a total of $12B annually on haircare, 6 times more than average. The hair market alone is ~$7 billion, 53% of which is synthetic hair. While almost two-thirds of black women wear protective styles, they own only 1% of black hair businesses. Radswan is the first modern hair brand developed by and for the black female consumer, delivering trusted content and high-quality products on a friction-free commerce platform.

Image from BBG Ventures site

Freddie Harrel

Founder & CEO

Frédérique (Freddie) Harrel is a London-based fashion blogger and host of the confidence workshops SHE Unleashed. She worked for ASOS as a personal stylist until 2015. In 2017, she launched her own brand of ethical afro hair extensions formerly called Big Hair No Care, now known as RadSwan.

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