Scarlett and Adam

are helping people eat less sugar the easy way.

About Sugarbreak

Sugarbreak is the first end-to-end all-natural remedy for blood sugar management using ingredients backed by clinical studies. Their first set of products includes a sugar resist strip, along with capsules and gummies that neutralize spikes in blood sugar and reduce glucose levels.

Why Now

Over 100 million Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes, driving up a healthcare cost of $327 billion a year. COVID has highlighted the vulnerability of those suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes. As more people seek proactive and natural care for chronic illness, Sugarbreak’s proprietary formulas are one solution in the fight to address this challenge.

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Scarlett Leung

Co-Founder & CEO

Scarlett has built successful businesses from fashion to online grocery and, most recently, fertility by focusing on the customer experience. After a close friend was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes in his late thirties, she started Sugarbreak -- drawing on her belief in herbal medicine  to create a solution for blood sugar management that is both natural and easy.

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Adam Lowry


Adam is a former climate scientist and the founder of two mission-driven businesses, Method Products and Ripple Foods. A globally recognized leader in for-benefit business, Adam’s companies have eliminated millions of tons of waste, GHG emissions, and water use; created hundreds of green manufacturing jobs; and delivered almost a billion dollars in returns for employees and shareholders.

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