is creating the first plastic-free online grocery and homewares store.

About Zero Grocery

Zero Grocery’s sustainable delivery platform offers plastic-free groceries to consumers in the Bay Area and Los Angeles through a two-sided marketplace -- but their ambition is to own the entire sustainable supply chain, buying directly from food companies and handling all distribution through a hub and spoke model. Today, Zero offers the greatest range of SKUs and fresh products through a sustainable platform in the online grocery delivery space, a market that is $106B today and projected to grow to $250B by 2025.

Why Now

A majority of consumers today look for products that can help them live a more sustainable, socially responsible life -- and more than 50% of brands surveyed by McKinsey want at least half of their products to be made with sustainable materials by 2025. Zero Delivery is positioned to benefit from both trends by offering consumers convenient, cost-effective and sustainable grocery delivery; and helping brands bridge the transition to sustainable packaging. The platform also benefits vendors by connecting them directly to consumers; improving their margins by cutting out distributors/brokers; and providing them with data on their customers.

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Zuleyka Strasner

Founder & CEO

Zuleyka Strasner is the founder and CEO of Zero Grocery, the first zero-waste online grocery store. Previously, she was Chief of Staff at Felicis Ventures and worked as a policy advisor during the 2015 Labour Party preliminary election. Zuleyka studied politics at Oxford University and was vice president of the Oxford Union.

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